Baking: Very Easy Carrot Cake

The finished article!

The finished article!

I spent most of this weekend relaxing in the flat. I had a big spring clean and then decided to mess up the kitchen with some baking. I love carrot cake and after trying a particularly yummy one on holiday last week decided to try my hand at baking my own. I also had bought an unnecessarily huge bag of carrots so it was a nice way of using them up!

The recipe I used is below, along with some pointers. This is a good one if you don’t have an electric mixer as it all the ingredients are simply whisked/stirred together. Also I’ve called it a carrot cake but I’ve made mine in a loaf tin…sorry about that. It is easier though as there aren’t two sections to sandwich together.


The Beginning.

Hello & welcome to my blog! I thought I would do a little post with a bit about me. My name is Jennifer or more commonly Jen. I work in Marketing, before that I worked in PR for a little while and before that I studied Fashion Marketing and worked in a handbag shop (and I’m still mourning the discount).

It’s a really exciting time for me just now as me and my boyfriend David have just moved into our first flat. Back in August we bought a big old tenement flat in Glasgow, it needed a lot of upgrading before we were able to move in. David’s dad is in the building trade so we were able to do a lot of the work ourselves.

The original intention for the blog was as a way of documenting our renovation. However the actual renovating part took up quite a lot of time and the blog fell by the wayside along with any kind of social life

The general aim for content is lifestyle; a little fashion, a little beauty and a nice bit of interiors chat too. I imagine over time a general direction will form, but we’re all a little shaky in the beginning, right?

Jen x