Hugo and Me!

I am a 26 year old girl from Glasgow. I studied Fashion Marketing at uni, since graduating I’ve been lucky enough to have some great marketing jobs and I now consult in social media marketing.

I have a massive beauty obsession – not helped by the fact I that I get to read beauty blogs as part of my job! For reference I am exceptionally pale (always searching for the holy grail, perfect coverage, pale girl foundation), have white-blonde hair and blue eyes.

Last year my boyfriend & I bought a big old tenement flat in Glasgow which needed a lot of renovating. Since then I’ve been obsessed with home decor so expect lots of interiors inspiration. Soon after moving in we got a kitten and called him Hugo, for someone who wasn’t much of a cat lady before I can confirm I am now totally obsessed. Oh well… there’s definitely worse things to be!

Jen x


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