A Little January Reading

I mentioned a few posts back that one of my non resolutions was to read more this year. Here we are almost at the end of January and I have no idea what happened to the month. Seriously, anyone else think they slept through it? Anyway whilst I’ve been quite productive in other ways I haven’t yet finished a book.

My current reading list.

My current reading list.

I did however notice that The Bloggers Hub are starting a book club, and the first book is one I got for Christmas, #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso, the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal. I’ll be starting it tonight and hopefully have a little review up next week. Once I’m done the next book on my list is another Christmas present, Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes. Packed full of beauty know how and tips, I’ve already sneaked a peek at various chapters and it looks great.

Don’t Call it a Resolution

2015 has arrived and with it a lot of changes for me, work wise especially. I’ve found a new marketing job which I am super excited about and it’s part time, meaning I’ll be able to pick up some freelance work and also dedicate more time to the things I enjoy, which includes everything blog related! As well as blogging more I’m also committed to finishing the renovation on the flat, getting fitter, being organised and reading more… not resolutions as such, just things I’d like to do more of!

I’ve decided to ease myself into my first post back with a little blog about my furriest family member Hugo. In the last post he looks so tiny, he’s grown so much in the last few months. In fact he got big enough to knock over the Christmas Tree… twice.

Hugo Collage

Since getting him I’ve become a total cat lady. Appropriately there is a cat video festival in Glasgow this February, which I’ll definitely be attending. If you’re also cat obsessed you can get tickets here – and they’re free!

Jen x